About Me

The journey of this law firm began essentially in 1969 when I was assigned to the position of a Battalion Defense Counsel at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Although not yet a lawyer I represented around forty (40) enlisted men on various charges under Special Courts Martial proceedings. In those days an officer was not required to be a lawyer in order to represent soldiers charged with violations of the Code of Military Justice. It was a defining experience that whetted my interest in pursuing a law degree.

Fast forward through my completion of law school in 1972 when I joined Wells Fargo Leasing Corporation in San Francisco. As in-house counsel, I managed and coordinated the corporation's legal work between in-house and outside counsel. This practice provided me with experience in complex business issues and contractual obligations.

Following the sojourn in San Francisco I became a deputy district attorney in Santa Clara County. This position thrust me into the courtroom almost immediately, actually on my third day of employment. Working in law enforcement enabled me to gain an understanding of people, of the importance of accepting responsibility for one's actions, and of the various reasons that people violate the criminal law of our state.

I moved to Humboldt County in 1977 after being introduced by a Superior Court Judge presiding in Santa Clara County to James R. McKittrick, a truly brilliant lawyer, who in those days was considered the "Perry Mason" of the north coast of California. This association, later partnership, began my involvement with civil practice in all forms, including personal injury, wrongful death, business litigation and divorce, to name a few.

After eight years of enjoying Jim's mentoring and company I was recruited as a partner in the Harland Law Firm to provide additional trial capability to the firm's existing talent. I worked primarily in the areas of personal injury, business and probate litigation. The Harland Firm was a relatively small firm of seven to eight attorneys. Each lawyer practiced in several areas of law, and the collaboration among the lawyers on legal matters was educational, productive and fun.

In 1998 I received an invitation to associate with Victor Ferro whose law partner, Timothy Cissna, had just received an appointment to the Superior Court of California. Vic was an old friend of mine and a good working relationship grew. My law practice changed again, for in addition to the areas of law that I practiced at the Harland firm, I returned to criminal law and was initiated into unlawful detainer actions.

In 2005 Vic Ferro decided to retire from the practice of law. I decided that the life and practice of a sole practitioner would be my next great adventure, and the Law Office of Will Kay was established.